Growing up, you could always tell who the pros were by how they examined parts. They'd pick it up, roll it over in their hands, and inspect every element of the component. Every detail and look up with a nod and say, "that's a well-made part." They'd hand the part to me to look at and I'd play along and say, "oh yea, great parts!" not knowing what to look for, to begin with. Being relatively new to manufacturing you'd always imagine how parts were made and suspect that they were made in some medically sterile lab by scientists and robots. That was 20 years ago and that didn't seem like a reality, more like science fiction in a movie. Now getting the first-hand experience with some of these new technologies it's not CGI anymore but now a reality. 

After getting to experience some of these technologies first hand and seeing all that goes into making parts from the knowledge, technology, machinery, and processes. I've come to appreciate what a well-made part actually is and all of the efforts it took to create it. It's unbelievable the evolution of this industry in only the last 10 years. To think what's going to happen in the next 10 years as we're already 3-D printing full houses makes me excited to be in this field. I'm excited to watch this evolution over this new decade.